Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pune University rolls out TE 2008 pattern results

          Finally on 28th July, 2012 University of Pune has released the results for Third Year Engineering 2008 pattern.This time, the results have rolled out on time compared to the previous few result sessions. According to the University's rules Exam Results are supposed to be declared after a maximum of 45 days post the last theory paper. But since May 2011, there were heavy delays in the results to be declared. It took previously 95+ days for the results of each academic year to be rolled.
          Luckily , this time University of Pune revealed the First Year Results on time i.e on 18th July,2012 and then declared tentatively stated that the SE and TE results will be out after 28th of July. TE results are on time , SE results however missed the cut off date, but will soon be declared.

You can download the PDF for results to check the class you avail:

Detailed marksheet will be available in the college on Monday, 30th July 2012.

To view your detailed result 

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TE Results 2008 Pattern



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