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Information Retrieval :[ BE - IT | Sem 8 ] Books Download

         Information retrieval (IR) is an important an easy to learn subject introduced in the 8th semester of Information Technology Engineering of Pune University.The objective of the subject is to  deal with IR representation, storage, organization  and access to information items. The subject covers the basics and important aspects associated with Information Retrieval. It covers the basics, need of retrieval, different retrieval algorithm, taxonomy and ontology,IR models and languages etc. The subject is interesting, scoring as well as easy to learn.

 The syllabus for Information Retrieval is as follows: (according to 2008 pattern)

Unit I:
Basic Concepts of IR, Data Retrieval & Information Retrieval, IR system block diagram. Automatic Text Analysis, Luhn's ideas, Conflation Algorithm, Indexing and Index Term Weighing, Probabilistic Indexing, Automatic Classification. Measures of Association, Different Matching Coefficient, Classification Methods, Cluster Hypothesis. Clustering Algorithms, Single Pass Algorithm, Single Link Algorithm, Rochhio's Algorithm and Dendograms

Unit II:
File Structures, Inverted file, Suffix trees & suffix arrays, Signature files, Ring Structure, IR Models, Basic concepts, Boolean Model, Vector Model, and Fuzzy Set Model. Search Strategies, Boolean search, serial search, and cluster based retrieval, Matching Function

Unit III:
Performance Evaluation- Precision and recall, alternative measures reference collection (TREC Collection), Libraries & Bibliographical system- Online IR system, OPACs, Digital libraries - Architecture issues, document models, representation & access, Prototypes, projects & interfaces, standards

Unit IV :
Taxonomy and Ontology: Creating domain specific ontology, Ontology life cycle
Distributed and Parallel IR: Relationships between documents, Identify appropriate networked collections, Multiple distributed collections simultaneously, Parallel IR - MIMD Architectures, Distributed IR – Collection Partitioning, Source Selection, Query Processing

Unit V :
Multimedia IR models & languages- data modeling, Techniques to represent audio and visual document, query languages Indexing & searching- generic multimedia indexing approach, Query databases of multimedia documents, Display the results of multimedia searches, one dimensional time series, two
dimensional color images, automatic feature extraction.

Unit VI:
Searching the Web, Challenges, Characterizing the Web, Search Engines, Browsing, Mata searchers, Web crawlers, robot exclusion, Web data mining, Metacrawler, Collaborative filtering, Web agents (web shopping, bargain finder,..), Economic, ethical, legal and political issues.

Download Books :

Modern Information Retrieval 
Yates, Neto

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Size of: 1.13 MB 
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Size : 1.95 MB


Information Retrieval :
 Implementing and Evaluating Search Engines 
Buttcher, Clarke, Cormak

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File Type and: DJVU
Size : 12 MB


Managing Gigabytes
Witten, Moffat, Bel 
Download Now
File Type: DJVU
Size : 11 MB

Information  Retrieval :
 Data Structures and Algorithms 
William Frakes

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File Type: PDF (Zip)
Size : 1 MB


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  1. both the modern IR book tht u have uploaded are incomplete... I'd found d same copies... one of them has chapter 10 after the index... the other i cnt remember... bt check it n u'l knw...