Sunday, February 28, 2010

Computer Organisation : SE-IT [SEM 3] & SE - COMP [SEM 4]


   The subject - 'Computer Organization' was introduced into the syllabus  long back,but earlier (upto 2003 pattern) it used to be in the  4th semester. Recently it was moved to the 3rd semester for the new course[2008 pattern] (only for IT). The pre-requisites for Computer Organization is DELD [Digital Electronics and Logic Design] and some sound knowledge of  Data structures.

   Students Found it very difficult to study this subject, as - firstly its completely theoretical [Students get bored mugging the concepts],secondly, its not at all scoring! Even though you write loads in the exam ...crossing the 65 line is extremely difficult!. The 2009 December papers were luckily very simple....and many managed to clear  the subject


Unit  1 :
This is the easiest unit to learn from all the 6 units in the syllabus. You can easily predict most of the questions that will be asked from this unit. There are sums and they are scoring. This unit is not at all Time consuming.

Unit  2 :
Relatively tough unit!... This unit will  consume more time than all other units. Many concepts take a lot of time to be understood well. You should also use video tutorials available on youtube to learn this unit.

Unit 3 :
Interesting unit, but it will  definitely consume time. All new concepts in this unit...not at all easy to understand in one go.

Unit 4 :
Interesting and relatively simple unit. You can complete this unit in much lesser amount of time when compared to the others. Easy to understand and memorize. This unit can be easily understood giving a single glance

Unit 5 :
New concepts are introduced here....relatively time consuming but very easy. Many concepts i.e. questions can be easily predicted from this unit.

Unit 6 :
A bit difficult, but multiple glance to the subject will suffice the need. You can again predict most of the concepts which will be asked in the exams. Not a scoring unit but it is definitely useful and interesting.


Computer Organization is a very useful subject considering the other subjects which will be covered in the coming semesters. This subject is not easy..and not at all scoring. Scoring 60+ is relatively difficult. You will definitely need to give multiple glances to this subject so as to understand and learn this subject well.  

Books to Refer

Among foreign authors :
Computer Organization - William Stallings is a really nice book   
Computer Organization - Zacky is also equivalently good Text Book

Among the local authors , the best books  for this subjects is definitely TECHMAX : if you start this subject in the PL

Technical book is also very good as it  explains the concepts in a very simple manner. I used both of them and found TECHNICAL better to understand the concepts. Most of my friends referred TECHMAX -but didnt complain, that is also equally good I believe!

Books for Download

Computer Organization and Architecture 
William Stallings

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Solutions for Computer Organization & Architecture
William Stallings

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Computer Organization
Hamacher, Vranesic, Zaky

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Computer Organization & Architecture
Ian East

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