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   After the huge success of our first guide 'The Complete Placement Guide' in 2011 (with more than 5000 downloads over the globe), we now bring to you the second revised edition of 'The Complete Placement Guide'. Our team has correctly identified the domains and subjects which requires technical preparation during your campus placements and have thus come with the newest guide for Campus Placements. The guide provides all Technical Interview Questions for all subjects and domains that could be expected from the candidate during the campus placements. Our Guide covers interview questions and answers along with explanation on all probable topics for Campus Placements.
The topics included in the Second Edition  are as follows :

  • C++ Interview Questions 
  • Java Interview Questions and Answers
  • JDBC Interview Questions and Answers 
  • Servlet Interview Questions and Answers (NEW in 2 Edition)
  • Data Structures Interview Questions and Answers
  • Networking Interview Questions and Answers 
  • Operating System Interview Questions and Answers 
  • Linux Interview Questions and Answers  (NEW in 2 Edition)
  • Unix Interview Questions and Answers  (NEW in 2 Edition)
  • Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers  (NEW in 2 Edition)
  • Microprocessor Interview Questions and Answers (NEW in 2 Edition)
  • Oracle Interview Questions and Answers
  • C Aptitude Questions
   This covers all probable domains of questions during the technical interviews in  your campus placements. We have receiving many requests for an update on the Complete Placement Guide as the campus placement will be soon commencing for most  Engineering colleges and other Computer Science colleges. With the 2013 Batch engineering students all busy with the preparation for aptitude tests and other technical skills, our guide would provide a complete solution for the students to face the technical interviews confidently.

Download the Guide :

 The Complete Placement Guide
 Second Revised Edition

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Placement Guides

Our team has identified the major areas where a student should prepare himself for an aptitude test or a technical interview so as to get placed into an IT company. The technical fields are viz: C, C++, Java, Oracle, JDBC, Operating Systems and Networking. Similarly, amongst the non-technical fields a student needs to mentally prepare himself for an aptitude test and a HR interview. All the basic study material required to prepare concerning the above related fields are deployed in this book

       The book makes available all available resources over the internet to the students in a simple and compiled format.
Contents of the Books are
Technical Guide :

C++ Interview Questions 
Data Structure Interview Questions
Java Interview Questions 
JDBC Interview Questions 
Oracle Interview Questions 
Networking Interview Questions 
Operating Systems Interview Questions
C Aptitude Questions

    Non Technical Guide:

    Aptitude Tests
    HR Interviews 
    What to ask after the offer
    Questions to the HR
    Tips for the Interview

        Launching our first Ebook Guides :
        The Complete Placement Guides for IT Companies (Technical & Non- Techncial)

           The Complete Placement Guide for IT Companies

        The Complete Placement Guide for IT Companies
        (Non - Technical)
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