Monday, June 20, 2011

Software Engineering : 5th SEM [I.T.] & 6th SEM [COMP]

This is a subject which may sound simple and interesting but is not what it actually seems to be. You , will  definitely get bugged up studying this subject. A total theoretical subject which will definitely consume your sufficient quality time. You will need to by-heart many concepts in this subject to actually reproduce them during the exams. It is a tough job for any Engineer to actually mug up.
But, one good thing about this subject is that : the subject is really scoring, provided you give appropriate answers. Scoring 70+ is not difficult in this subject.

 Books: Among our local authors , please don't refer Techmax.....instead prefer Technical. The technical's book is almost copied from the reference Book by Roger Pressman. The book will suffice to score above 70.

Among foreign authors : Software Engineering - Roger Pressman -> is the best book to learn Software Engineering. This book is of great use to you in BE also, as you can refer this book for the subject STQA i.e. Software Testing and Quality Assurance.

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Software Engineering Techniques 
- Design for Quality
 K. Sacha

Analysis of the Subject:
Unit 1 : Simple and easy to learn when compared to the other units. You can almost predict the important topics from exam point of view.

Unit 2 : Interesting to learn, can compare the topics in the unit to actual tasks in real life and easily learn this unit using examples.

Unit 3 : Lengthy... but still you  can cope with this unit....its not difficult to learn.

Unit 4 : This is the most time consuming and confusing unit ...i found in the subject....all concepts are new and confusing.

Unit 5 :  Time consuming unit...but still, it is much better than the 4th unit.

Unit 6 : This is the easiest unit in tthe 2nd section of this subject.Interesting ..but its really time consuming.

You can learn Software Engineering by using the PPT's designed by other popular universities