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Data Communication [Comp - Sem 5 ] [IT - Sem 4]


         The subject Data Communication introduced in 4th semester of IT Engineering and 5th semester of Computer Engineering is a very important subject in the curriculum of Engineering. This subject lays the foundation of Networking in Engineering. This subject needs to be understood thoroughly as you will be learning Computer Networks in the next semester. The Engineering syllabus includes in all, 3 subjects in networking : viz Data Communication, Computer Networks and Advanced Computer Networks (Elective). All these are very important for an engineer who wants to establish a career in Networking. 'Networking' is a very vast field for education and has immense scope and applications in the  industry. The demand for Network Engineers keeps on increasing day by day.

       Now , one point I would precisely state is, syllabus of Data Communication is a bit different for both Computer and IT. Its not totally different, but definitely there is  a considerable amount of difference. Beginning a word with the OSI model, I now assume that you are aware of the OSI model. If not please refer this link.

     In the OSI model you have been introduced that there are seven layers in the model : i.e.  Physical layer, data link layer ..... Presentation Layer. Now from these seven layers : the bottom most 2 layers viz : physical layer and data link layer will be introduced in the subject Data Communication.

   Now the rest 5 layers namely.,Network layer on wards will  be covered in the subject Computer Networks along with a few other important networking topics.


Unit  1 :  Layer models and Signals

The first unit gives you introduction and a brief idea about the different terminologies and concepts which are pre-requisites for any networking concepts. This unit is extremely lengthy and a bit boring. The concepts introduced here do not allow you to enjoy unlike other networking topics. This unit is relatively easy to learn even very vast. Normally, most of the questions asked in this subject have appeared in the previous university papers.

Unit  2 : Modulation and Multiplexing

Relatively short unit , when compared to the first unit but a little bit confusing. A few concepts introduced here have already been introduced to you in the subject 'Basic Electronics Engineering' [FE - Sem 2 ]. These concepts again appear as they are. people who find Electronics tough will have to invest relatively little more efforts in this unit.

Unit 3 : Transmission media and Switching

Introduces the basic Networking topics to you. A very simple and easy to learn unit. Concepts are really interesting and can be easily understood with a simple glance. Diagrams are an important part of this unit. Scoring unit and very interesting.

Unit 4 : Error control and Data link Control

A lengthy  unit , relatively tedious and very a  bit boring. You will understand many concepts of networking in this unit ....which you will be required to understand in the other unit. Not difficult , but a few sums make learning this unit a bit complicated, relatively time consuming. This unit will  definitely need multiple glances to understand the concepts well.

Unit 5 : Multiple Access and Ethernet

Very easy unit. I enjoyed learning the concepts introduced in this unit. Many new concepts a glance will give you a brief idea about the concepts. Really interesting, most of the questions from this unit can be easily predicted. Scoring, simple and very easy unit.

Unit 6 :  Devices , Backbone networks and SONETS

Lengthy unit,mainly covers 3 main topics.Devices, Backbone networks and SONETS , which are completely different from each other. Neat diagrams allow you to score in this unit. Simple but not as simple as 5th unit.

Books to Refer

     Among the local author's I would suggest only Techmax. The book is written by the well known author and publisher J. S. Katre. The book covers all the concepts mentioned in the syllabus. The book is complete in itself. Students, sometimes tend to avoid techmax and prefer Technical , since the Techmax books are huge in  size when compared to no of pages. Please, do not prefer Technical for D.C as many concepts are incomplete.

Among the foreign authors, I would suggest , the best one : Data Communication and Networking -Behrouz Forouzan. This book will help you to learn the concepts with simple diagrams and a lucid language.  


    Data Communications a.k.a  D.C is a very lengthy  and a bit difficult for the beginners. The subject is very interesting as well as  a very important subject in the curriculum. Scoring is not that difficult...neat diagrams and quality answers will easily fetch you 65+ marks in this subject. Scoring 70+ will need good efforts and very precise answers . Totally theoretical  but very easy to learn and not that difficult.

Books for Download

Data Communication & Networking
Behrouz Forouzan

(Most Recommended)


Understanding Data Communications

Gilbert Held


Data and Computer Communications 

William Stallings

Download Now