Sunday, June 19, 2011

DBMS - Database Management Systems : SEM 4 [COMP & I.T.]

Database Management Systems is one extremely important subject introduced in the 5th Semester of Engineering Curriculum. Database, AKA DBMS is the bread and butter of the industry and  hence you will find immense application of this subject in your career.

The subject is easy to learn and very interesting, unfortunately the Question Paper for this subject is usually very tough and the results are also below average. Most students only manage to score in the range 40 -50 after all their hard work.

However, Dec 2011 Examinations had a very simple paper for DBMS and again the Backlog paper in May 2012 was also relatively simple. But prior to 2013 batch (students who appeared for regular Dec 2011 Papers), the question papers for this subject were mostly tough.

    Pune University has also introduced ADM i.e. Advance Database Management in the 7th Semester for IT and 8th Semester for Computer Engineering as an Elective Subject. ADM is a continuation of DBMS and hence needs DBMS as pre-requisite for the Elective.   

Among our local authors , I personally feel that Techmax would serve better...even though most of my seniors recommended Nirali. Nirali is good...but extremely lengthy. Majority of the contents from Korth are directly copied and pasted into Nirali. Moreover, Nirali textbook lacks Exam Oriented problems and questions.

Among Foreign Authors: Database System Concepts by Korth, would be the best one.

 Books to Download for DBMS

Database System Concepts
Korth, Sudarshan,Silberschatz


Fundamentals of Database Systems
Elmasari , Navathe

Database Management Systems
Raghu Ramkrishnan, Gehrke


Database Systems
A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation & Management
Thomas Connolly, Carolyn Begg