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Design and Analysis Of Algorithms a.k.a. ( DAA ) - BE [Comp : Sem 7] TE [IT : Sem 6]

   Design and Analysis of Algorithms aka DAA is a very important subject introduced into the engineering curriculum in the 7th Semester for Computer Engineering and 6th Semester for Information Technology. The subject was initially not included for the IT curriculum, but since the 2008 pattern , the subject was included in TE (Sem 6).

   The syllabus for IT is a subset of the syllabus of Computer Engineering, in simple words Computer Engineering has almost 30-40% extra syllabus for DAA when compared with the IT syllabus. Even though the subject is very important, it is extremely vast and very confusing. Too many algorithms and every algorithm with many versions in different units makes this subject very confusing and a bit difficult to study. But, on a positive node the subject is scoring for most students. Scoring 60+ in this subject does not require strenuous efforts.

   DAA is basically a subject which introduces to you different strategies for developing algorithms. You might have already been introduced to a few strategies in SE (2nd Year) when you studied Data Structures and Algorithms. If remember Quick Sort Algorithm or Prim's Algorithm when you studied Data Structures using C/C++, the explanation of these algorithms also mentioned the type of algorithm they were. Quick Sort  uses the Divide and Conquer technique similarly Prim's uses Greedy Method. Similarly different algorithms include different strategies. In DAA you will be introduced many more strategies along with detailed explanation and examples. You will be introduced to around 5 - 6 techniques in the syllabus like Branch& Bound, Greedy, Divide & Conquer, NP - Hard, Dynamic, Backtracking and a few more.

   The subject becomes more complicated when you have to learn the same algorithm with different strategies. Recollecting these algorithms in the papers becomes frustrating. The subject requires genuine amount of efforts to clear, but on a positive node ,the subject is scoring.


Subject                      : DAA - Design and  Analysis of Algorithms
Analysis                   : Interesting to learn, a bit confusing ,time-consuming but scoring.
Difficulty  Level : Moderate (Instead Confusing)
Scoring Type       : Scoring (Easy to score 60+)

Books Recommended  

Local Authors  :
Among the local authors the best book to study DAA would be Technical. The book covers the subject in a lucid manner with sufficient number of problems and relatively simple Pseudocode. Techmax for DAA is below average. Nirali is better than Techmax and has simpler algorithms compared to Technical but lacks examples and numericals. Many students prefer only studying Algorighm's Pseudocode from Nirali and the rest from Technical.

Foreign Authors :
Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms - Horowitz and Sahani   and
Introduction to Algorithm - Thomas Cormen and Leiserson are better compared to the other books cited by Pune University.

We are providing you with all the Books recommended by the university for this Subject. Please download them and pass on !

E-Books for Download

Few EBooks are in DJVU format
If you do not have a DJVU file reader, you may download one from here.

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File Size  : 12.5MB

Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms 
Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahani

File Type : DJVU


Fundamental of Computer Algorithm

File Type : DJVU


The Design & Analysis pf Algorithms
Dexter C. Kozen

File Type : DJVU


Design and Analysis of Algorithms Course Notes
Samir Khuller
University of Maryland

File Type : PDF

Introduction to Algorithms
Thomas Cormen

File Type : PDF



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