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Hello everybody,
                         This is Jojo John, a Software Engineer, Business Analyst and Data Scientist from Pune.  My website is for all aspiring software engineering students especially from Pune and Mumbai University. Our website helps you to get a brief idea about the subject, necessary books to refer, scoring type and efforts required to clear the subject.

   We were initially focusing only on the academic related concepts, but with the increasing popularity and readers demand we are now also publishing  technology related articles which are now a vital part of the industry. With a group of Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Software Engineers working with the world's largest companies as our contributors, we are now providing articles related to SQL, Excel, Data mining, Data Analytics, Big Data, Statistics, SAS, R Programming, Teradata, Hadoop and Hive. An all new section of articles for aspiring Engineers.

 IT Engg Portal was initially a small blog run by myself but with the growing popularity, the blog was registered under a top level domain name as 'www.itportal.in'. The website was launched officially on  28th June , 2011 from Pune. With the increasing popularity the website is now a non - profit based educational organization  powered by Cybean Technologies. We are now a team, which focus to deploy the best of educational services to the whole world. 

      The website reached an alarming success since its inception. Within a day itself ,we crossed 1000+ visitors. Soon, with all the love and support of our readers we grew into a very popular website known for the best E- Resources for Computer and IT Engineering. Our success reached an alarming level beyond our expectations. The website crossed 10,000+ visitors within a month from 34 countries over the globe. On 18th of November (around 5 months since inception), IT Engg Portal crossed 50,000 + visitors from 72+ countries over the globe. Success continued, every new visitor encouraged us to grow more and more. The site crossed 75,000 + visitors from 81+ countries over the globe on 14th Jan, 2012. We never had a dull moment since inception, wealready have  crossed 4,00,000+ Pageviews with 75,000+ Unique Visitors from 114+ Countries over the Globe. We are now the most popular website for Education E-Resources on Engineering Curriculum of Pune University.

     Here, we have tried our best to brief out the subjects in the curriculum and thus help all our  juniors to get a handy help for all  the subjects. The  posts  in the blog gives a brief  idea  about a  subject mentioning the pattern of  the subject, difficulty level, whether scoring or not and the best books  to refer for a particular subject. We have also provided download links of all possible E-books  for a particular subject. Hope our effort is encouraged by all of you. Please feel free to contact me on my email address : jojo@itportal.in  or admin@itportal.in for any querries and required updates. We will try our best to solve your problem.

                    Finally , I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards my dear friend  Md. Faizan Ansari ,  Co-Founder of E- Lightening Technologies and the Founder of  one of the greatest blogs Computer Tweeks, for guiding me throughout the phases of establishment of this website.

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