Thursday, July 21, 2011

Digital Signal Processing [ Comp, E&TC] [ Sem 5 ]

       Digital Signal Processing i.e. DSP is a subject introduced into the 5th semester of Engineering of Computer and  Electronics Engineering of Pune University.  The subject is however not included in the IT curriculum since IT Engineering has less amount of  Hardware and research oriented subjects and more of Software and Deployment oriented subjects.

       The subject is not tough but not easy also. It is really interesting to learn this subject and also is  a scoring subject. You can score but with regular,consistent and decent efforts. The subject also includes a 50 marks oral (external).

Among local authors : Techmax - J. S. Katre is a good book for studying this subject.  The book is complete in itself and will also make it enough for scoring in this subject.

Among the foreign authors : Digital Signal Processing - John G. Proakis is the book to learn Digital Signal Processing.

Download Books :

 Digital Signal Processing - John G. Proakis

Digital Signal Processing-Using Matlab & Wavelet

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Download this Book

Digital Signal Processing : System Analysis & Design

Handbook of Formulas for Digital Signal Processing

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Schaum's Outlines Digital Signal Processing - Hayes

Video Lectures for Digital Signal Processing  :

1. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

2.Digital Signal Processing (Introduction)
 Lecture 2



Introduction to concepts in DSP 


Geometric Series & Discrete Time Fourier 


Eulers Formula 


FIR Digital Filter Design by Windowing



Discrete Fourier Transform (part 1)

Discrete Fourier Transform (part 2)


Digital Fourier Transform (part 3)


Discrete Time Fourier Transform