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Object Oriented Modelling and Design [OOMD/UML] BE - [ COMP & IT ]


           Object Oriented Modelling and Design is a subject introduced in the 7th semester  i.e (BE- sem 2) of Engineering for Computer and IT Engineering curriculum of Pune University. The subject is a compulsory subject for both the branches (Computer and IT). This subject is really an important subject for a software engineer to model visual designs of a particular project.

     To understand why do we need to study this subject let us take an example: When you build any software using any particular software modelling techniques (say Waterfall Model) then you actually move or progress according to the protocol in a assigned way. The project starts with exploring therequirements of the project and then elaborating these requirements. After this step before the coding step starts , the team  builds a visual model which helps the team to understand the different views of the system. It also helps to build a system in an easier and non haphazard manner. This is because the models once designed can be used as  reference for the future during the development process.  The team can then refer the different visual models for any information about the implementation of the project

  To design these visual models we need to have a commonly agreed and accepted methodology  or a simple protocol. Here comes UML into the picture. UML i.e. Unified Modelling Language is a Language which helps  one to design visual models of a system in different views.  UML is not a programming language and  hence contains no coding stuff. It contains only diagrams  which helps a designer develop a visual model of the system . There are many different types of diagrams available under the UML, which helps a user design different view models of a system. Some of them are : Class Diagrams , Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams etc.

   The syllabus for Computer  and IT Engineering is almost the same. The books recommended for Computer Engineering are same as that of IT Engineering.

Books Recommended :

Local Authors : Among the local author publications, none of the books are good to learn the subject. All the publications  lack good examples for each model explained. Among all the publications available (namely Nirali, Technical and Techmax) Techmax would be better. Techmax is only a better optin among the given choices and cannot be recommended as a good book.

Foreign Authors :  Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, Ivar Jacobson "Unified Modeling Language User Guide" and SAMS Teach yourself UML in 24 Hours would help you to understand the concepts in a simple way. But both of these books lack good examples. And UML is a language that can only be learned by visualizing practical examples. To have a better view of the subject, please refer to many UML diagrams that are available online. 
The Best site for UML examples would be :
The site covers detailed UML diagrams for many real life problems.

Books for Download :

Object Oriented Analysis & Design 
Understanding System Development with UML2.0
Mike O' Docherty


The Unfied Modelling Language 
Reference Manual
Rumbaugh,Jacobsom, Booch


UML 2.0 In a Nutshell

A Desktop Quick Reference


Design Patterns
Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software


UML 2 And the Unified Process
Jim Arlow



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