Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Human Computer Interaction - Sem 6 - IT

Human Computer Interaction is  a very simple and easy to learn subject This subject is really very interesting for those who have  special interest in GUI development and user interaction. I loved this subject.

#Note : This subject is totally theoretical ....for those who find lack of interest in GUI and user interaction..this subject..will bore you. This subject is really scoring . You can score 70+ without any difficulty if you make it a point to write sensible answers. Many enjoyed learning this subject ...whereas many also got pissed of with the amount of theory in this subject. Papers are usually simple. You can also predict alot of questions from most of the units.

Download the torrents for E-books :

Advices :
  •  Always draw neat and clear diagrams wherever possible so that you can score easily.
  • Your diagrams need not not be necessarily be those from the Text...you can draw your own images.... make it a point to draw a image where ever possible.... you can easily score then.
  • Draw a cartoon images wherever possible to make your answers impressive.
  • Refer the Reference Books atleast once ...before you write your exams...even giving a glance like a story book will suffice.
Books : Among Local authors.... you should use Techmax...preferably, but you will need to also xerox a couple of concepts from Technical. As techmax have skipped certain important concepts.
Technical is also good...but very small....... you need to read more to produce more in a theory paper.
Among foreign authors: Human Computer Interaction by Alan Dix - will be the  best to learn HCI

Analysis :
Unit 1 - This is just an introduction to the subject. Easy to learn. Students who have learnt a bit of biology will find this unit the easiest. Many concepts are predictable,  you can enjoy this unit..
Unit 2 - Very simple....only 3-4 major concepts. Questions are almost predictable from this unit.
 Unit 3 - Comparitively vast when compared to the 1st and 2nd....but easy.  Pretty much to mug up. But relatively easy.
Unit 4 - Not that lengthy..but easy.. Techmax books have skipped a few concepts..refer the net or technical fot the respective topics.
Unit 5 - I found ..this boring. Many things makes learning confusing. Techmax has again skipped 2 important topics from this unit. Refer the book by Dix, technical has made the topic  'Modelling Rich Interactions'  more confusing.
Unit 6 - Very interesting, people who frequently use video conferenceing and other online systems have already learnt a major part of this unit. Also refer wikipedia and other online materials to learn this unit.


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