Thursday, June 23, 2011

System Software Programming TE - IT [6 sem]

System software is the most interesting subject in the 6th semester of  IT engineering. Totally conceptual, you dont need to mug up anything. Once you have done the practicals by actually dont need to do any more hardwork. about 75 % of da syllabus is already done.....when you complete performing the practicals.
# Kind Attention : SSL practicals are the toughest practicals in the engineering curriculum. Most of the students face tough time performing the practicals. All the practical assignments are really huge.Most of then exceeding 500 lines of code. 
SSP is a different subject for computers, only about 3 units are in common with Computer Engineering syllabus.

Analysis of the subject:
 Unit 1 : Major portion of the unit is covered under the assembler practical. The concept of working of Assembler if well understood you can easily complete this unit.

Unit 2: The entire unit is completed ...if you have done the Macro Processor practical . There is not even a single concept more in he unit apart from what you have completed in the practical. Sums are asked in the papers .. you will need to  have a written practice of the codes processing in the macro processor. Easy and scoring.

Unit 3: Compiler -part 1 - Really easy to understand and learn. You should refer the Book written by Aho, Ravi, Sethi - Compilers : Principles and Techniques . Concepts of compilers are well explained in this unit. Unit 3 and 4 shold be completely learnt from this book.

Unit 4 - Compiler 2 - It is just an extension of the 3 unit. You should use the same Book mentioned above.

 Unit 5 : A new unit ... since you do not perform the practical of  Linkers and Loaders. But ...this unit is really interesting and easy to learn. Questions are predictable  from this unit.

Unit 6 : Simplest unit. You need to learn Lex and Yacc practicals to learn this unit. Simple and scoring unit. Question from this unit are very much predictable. Please use the reference book - Lex and Yacc - by OReilly to learn this unit. 

Download Ebooks:
Lex and  yacc : Necessary to implement lex and yacc practicals. 
                          Also covers a major part of the 6th unit of SSP

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Book: Compilers - Principles, Techniques, Tools : Aho,Ravi,Sethi

   Kind Advice : Systems Programming is really very simple and interesting to learn subject. This subject is one of the most scoring subjects in 6th semester of IT engineering in Pune University.
70+ marks is very easy task.


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