Monday, June 20, 2011

Theory of Computation - 5th Sem [COMP & IT]

You may have already heard alot about this subject....  you must have definitely come across a few rumors that TOC aka Theory of Computation is the toughest subject in Engineering and so on.... Well , I would say..this subject is not at all  difficult but needs a lot of practice. Until 2003 syllabus, both COMP & IT  had the same syllabus, nut the 2008 pattern has a few changes in the syllabus of COMP & IT. Changes are only minor. The IT syllabus is relatively easy  when compared to that of computers Papers are different for both COMP as well as IT.
#Note : Scoring is easy in this subject, if you practice well,.... Scoring 70+ is relatively simple.

 Books : Among the Local Author's .. I would suggest go for Techmx - Dilip Kumar Sultania. The book lacks sufficent amount of examples, but will suffice and is better when compared to the other available books in the market.
Among Foreign author's : I would only suggest
Introduction to Automata Theory,Languages and Computation - Jeffrey, Hopcroft

 Download the Ebooks using the Torrents:

Analysis  of the Subject : 
Unit 1 : You cant understand this unit unless you learn the 2nd unit.... you will need to start the 2nd unit first. This unit is a bit boring but it is simple.

Unit 2 : This is a lengthy unit but the Most Important unit in this subject. Unless you understand this unit cannot actually understand the further units. All of the other units are directly or indirectly linked with this unit. The  unit needs rigorous practice..only then you can plan to score in this subject.

Unit 3 : Simple and scoring.....again alternative to practice... Sums never get repeated in the papers in TOC.

Unit 4: Simplest unit....just an extension of the 2nd and 3rd unit.

Unit 5: Interesting and a bit tough unit...when compared to other units..

Unit 6 :Easy to understand ...if the concepts of the 5th unit are cleared. Simple to learn when compared to the 5th...and is really very interesting. 


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