Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Operating Systems - TE-IT - 5th sem

Operating systems is a subject which i feel will  be really beneficial for all the Computer and IT engineers. I loved this subject. The subject is really interesting and moreover  very important as it is the most triggered subject  during campus placements.

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Operating System Concepts - Galvin

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 Alternatively, you can  also refer to this books: Modern Operating Systems - Andrew S. Tanenbaum


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Operating Systems -
Per Breinch Hansen

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  The details of the subject disclosed here are with regard to the 2008 Pattern of Pune University:

 * Unit 1 - It is just and introduction to the basics of operating system. Even though it is quite lengthy .... i would never say its TUFF....  its pretty easy to learn the concepts of this Unit. Certain concepts require more examples to actually get the concept into your brain. Simply use Wikepedia to fire your querry.....every aspect will be clear.

*Unit 2 - Interesting Unit... all concepts can be easily understood by using the PPTs provided by Galvin on his official website.....

* Unit 3 -Process Communication and Synchronization- Easy to learn and understand.... u can do this unit by giving a glance to the concepts like you go through a novel.

*Unit 4 -5-> are the most important concepts in the book...u  really need to understand them to learn them.  These units may not have that many algorithms but will contain a lot of theory.

* Unit 6 - > This is again a simple dont need to actually study anything...all concepts are related to security and ethical issues.... people who often surf the net are already acquainted with a major part f this unit...

 VERDICT : I have mentioned that this subject is easy to learn and understand.... but i never meant that you can get through this subject without actually studying . OS ,even though interesting is really time consuming..!!!!!!

Books:  Two most recommended books are the one s written by Galvin and William Stallings. I preffered William Stallings more ...though most others preffered  Galvin..
At the end both are equally good.

Please don't even accidentally fall prey to Techmax!!!...for OS- i would suggest Technical...if you are not going to use  to Foreign authors under any circumstances

 Operating Systems - Galvin   - is also  a nice book and is being used by many students


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Introduction to Operating System

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