Sunday, June 19, 2011

Computer Networks : PU Sem 5 [ I.T.] and Sem 6 [Comp]

This is one of the most interesting subject I have ever studied in my engineering career. Computer Networks is an easy,very interesting and scoring subject. When i say scoring ...i mean scoring above 70. This subject is purely conceptual. You really  need to understand the concepts to learn this subject.

  A kind advice: please use only a proper reference Book to learn this subject!!!.........
  I personally would recommend : Andrew S. Tannenbaum

  To enjoy this subject please use the book mentioned above only...........Techmax is also good ...but only exam point of view.!!....

  You can download the Torrent from the below link:

Computer Networks - A. Tanenbaum

Computer Networks - A Systems Approach

 Unit 1 : N/w Layer 1 - Very easy.... you will need to revise the concepts of data communication for this unit. All the topics can be easily understood using the PPT's provided by the official site of Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
 Unit 2: N/w Layer 2  - Very Interesting....I loved this unit. This unit is really important concerning your viva
 as most of the conceptual questions are asked from this unit.

              Download  PPT's  for learning NETWORK LAYER 

Unit 3:Transport Layer - Ok,this unit is not at all tough.again even this unit is important concerning your viva.

                 Download PPT;s for learning TRANSPORT LAYER

Unit 4:Application Layer - Another very interesting unit................I really  loved this unit also@!!. U can     understand this unit very well ..if u use the internet a bit for practical purposes!!!

                 Download PPT's for learning APPLICATION LAYER

 Unit 5: Multimedia - Here you understand the basic process of a video broadcasting and other similar 
 processes ......if you have a jist of idea about how youtube and your browser works..
 you will easily  catch this unit.

  Unit 6: Wirelesss: - Interesting..but will  need to mug up certains topics...

                     DOWNLOAD ANDREW S. TANENBAUM PPT's

#Note - Please note that scoring 70+ in C.N. is not at all a difficult task. Even though a theory can write the complete paper using the concepts....