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Software Architecture Notes: BE- IT

Software Architecture is a very important subject introduced in the final year for Computer and IT Engineering Students. Both the branches have introduced the subject as an elective subject. Elective 1 for Computer Engineering and Elective 3 for IT Engineering. The crux of the subject is introduce the different models, design patterns, architecture of software development, The subject is a very important subject for an engineer aiming to move towards development field.

 Books for Download :

Software Architecture Notes
(Units 1-6 except 4)
NEW (updated 5th May 2012)
Contents covered 
Types of architectures styles and their comparison. 
Introduction to Three tierarchitecture  [Presentation, business and persistence layers]. Concept of loose coupling, Addressing Quality attributes through multi tier architecture.
Introduction to XML, Advantages of coupling through xml, structure of XML

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Contents covered
Interfaces, IUNKNOWN


J2EE 1.4 Bible 
Contents Covered - Unit 5

Introduction to  Application servers, Introduction to Java EE, 
Introduction to concept of Messaging, Introduction to Enterprise Java
Beans, concept of Entity beans, Session bean, message beans, 
 Introduction to Web services

Mastering Enterprise Java Beans

Contents covered  - Unit  5
 Introduction to Enterprise Java
Beans, concept of Entity beans, Session bean, message beans


Software Architecture in Practice 
Bass, Clements,  Kazman 
(Covers Unit 1 and Unit 2)

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Size : 12.8 MB
Type :  PDF


Design Patterns : 
Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software
Gamma, Helm, Johnson,Vlissides
(Covers Unit 3)

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Size : 4.06 MB
Type : PDF


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