Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Few Guidelines : Before you decide on your BE Project

Today, we would like to share with you, few guidelines or a few important facts which you should know before you take up your final decision about your final year Engineering Projects.
Most of you may be confused with a few questions like : Should I go for a sponsored project or a normal non-sponsored project? If I prefer a sponsored project, then which company should I prefer?
Even though only  a few questions, these questions would suffice to kill your time and patience.

We have jotted down a few guidelines which would help you take a better decision on your Final Year Engineering Project rather than simply helping you out on your project.

Q) Should I go for a Sponsored Project or a Non Sponsored Project?
-> The decision totally depends on your choice , We would suggest Go for a Sponsored Project.
Meanwhile both has its pros and cons

First, you must understand that doing the whole project all by your self is not at all an easy task. You will definitely need a guide , i.e someone who can show you -
  • How you should work
  • What you need to study 
  • Where should you start from,
  • how should you start 
and finally helping you framing a project. And then you do the rest under his or her guidance. The Guide is capable of helping you as her or she has already worked on the same or a similar project.

Now, before we start the discussion, we first need to understand the main difference between 'A Sponsored Project', 'A Non-Sponsored Project' and pros and cons of both.

Q) Now , what is the difference between a Sponsored and a Non - Sponsored Project?

   In a sponsored project , you work for a particular company under their guidelines. The company provides you a guide, who is actually experienced. The guide then helps you, in framing your project and gives you all necessary guidelines and training if required.

Its not necessary that you should go to the company always to work.... casual visits are more than  enough, you just need to keep your guide updated with your progress and then continue to work according to his instructions. 
  We call this scheme sponsored as you do not have to pay anything to the guide. The guide is made available by the company free of cost. At the end, your project is  Company's intellectual property and you are not allowed to disclose the source code to any one.

Advantages :
  • You experience a Company level project environment
  • You get  a good guide free of cost
  • You get a certificate of Project completion from the Company                          and 
  • You also get an Internship certificate from the company..which adds immense value to your resume
Now consider, you go for a non-sponsored project, then you would need a guide (externally arranged)  to help you. You can locally hire Guides for a project from many Institutions in the city .(like Net2net, Seed Infotech, NIIT etc...). These guides are also experienced, but will charge you for the period of your project tenure (around 10,0000 - 15,000, for the whole grp, so each member has to pay around 3000 or 4000). 
 Here , you do the entire project on your own, but you will be provided help and guidelines from your guide.

Advantages : 
  • You are guided by an external Representative who is experienced in the project he offers guidance.

Disadvantages :
  •  Guides externally arranged charge lumpsum amount
Last option is the worst ....but most widely used
You can purchase a ready made project or outsource your project. Some external party will build your project completely and will also teach you, how it was made. You just need to rest ,everything is made available by them. 
Easiest.... but you ll never learn anything innovative. Most students prefer this option!!!  

 It costs around 18k to 25k , depending o your project and the company or the individual who develops the project.
Last .....it all depends on your choice...how your team works, how well do they adjust with each other etc.



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