Sunday, October 14, 2012

Computer Networks - An Overview : An E-Book for your Viva Season

         With the semester exams arriving almost 15 days prior to normal schedule, we believe all Engineers are facing time shortage for covering your syllabus. Today, we bring to you an all new E-Book Guide which gives you a Complete Overview of Computer Networks. This book covers all basic information required for understanding the crux of the subject. The contents of the book are lucid and thus would help any lame engineer to grasp the concepts easily. Computer Networks being a very interesting subject is also a scoring subject. TE - IT(sem 1) and TE - Comp(sem 2) introduces Computer Networks into the curriculum  for Pune  University. The subject includes 100 theory paper, 50 marks oral and 25/50 marks internal.

 The book covers all the contents required for you to clear your viva and revise all the important concepts of the subject.

Computer Networks - An Overview
Author : Manoj Pisharody

The book covers
  • A short introduction
  • The Physical Layer
  • Data Link Layer
  • Medium Access Control Sublayer
  • The Network Layer
  • The Transport Layer
  • The Application Layer.
        With the contents well organized, the size of the complete PDF is 131 pages. Easy to learn and easy to grasp, we wish all Engineers best of luck especially for Computer Networks and your Viva season.



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