Saturday, August 18, 2012

HTML5 - A Bright Web Future


   HTML5 - The future of web design : Sounds like an over exaggerated statement for all web designers, but this is absolutely true and nothing exaggerated nor a false story. Today, web designers have large number of options available with them, when we talk about the technology to used to build websites. Many web designers prefer .NET languages for their added simplicity, few prefer JSP for the security it provides (and that is the reason why most e-commerce websites are build using JSP), some others may prefer PHP, and only a few newbies would prefer HTML(since most newbies have learnt this in school)
    The name HTML nowadays sounds outdated, and it should be as it took a long time for the W3C to release the next updated version of HTML, ever since HTML 4 was standardized in 1999. 

Now what is actually HTML5? Is it just an upgrade for the previous version or a complete makeover?

Let us now clear a few doubts which would be pestering your minds now.

Question - So what is HTML5?
Answer -> HTML is definitely an upgrade to the previous version of HTML (version 4), but it is major upgrade. It includes many features which were previously not included in the language. With the previous versions, many limitations were hindered in the programming practices, later JavaScript, Flash and a few other scripts were used to overcome these limitations as the language could not handle much of animation and dynamic appearance. But  the level of animations  now possible with HTML5 is much better than those accomplished using Flash and other technologies and on top of that ..... these animations can be included with minimum lines of code.    

Question  - Why do  we say that HTML5 has a bright future?
Answer -> Now, the websites designed using HTML5, have a peculiar feature of adjusting the entire layout according to the browser and the device you are using. To be more precise, I would say, your website opens  up like a normal website when you use your laptop, but when you use your mobile phone (any : iPhone,Android, Windows) the same website opens up like an App. Shocked ???,but its true!!!

Question - Does this mean that, if I have a website like that of Flipkart, Monster, Naukri or any other and I dont need to make apps for multiple platforms like Windows, android, iOS, Java based phones or Symbian or any other  phones?
Answer - >Yes, you dont need to !!

Since, you open your website using a browser on any phone and the website automatically adjusts itself to your device's layout ,the result is 99.99% similar to that of an App. So, now there is no need to develop an app of your website for each platform (iOS,Android etc)

With the increasing number of users and numerous advantages of the language, most web admins are converting their websites from the previous existing platforms into HTML5 for its various advantages.

Sounds interesting, so are you you ready to learn HTML5?
Here, we have provided  few E-Books which would help you learn this language easily. Take  a look at all these books and also the video tutorials (Channel link provided below) to learn this language within no time.

Download  Ebooks

 Sams Teach Yourself HTML5 
in 10 Minutes
Steve Holzner

File Type : PDF
Size : 5.2 MB


HTML5 : Up and Running
Mark Pilgrim 

Type : PDF
Size : 2.87 MB

Develop with Tomorrow's Standards Today
Brian P. Hogan

Type : PDF
Size : 11.2 MB

Designing Rich Internet Application
Mathew David

Type : PDF
Size : 16.1 MB


Video Tutorials

Learn HTML5 from Video Tutorials HTML5 Video Tutorials 




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