Saturday, September 3, 2011

Technical Preparation for Campus Placements

     You need to be strongly prepared for the placements with all the technical knowledge you have gained in your Engineering Career. For securing a career into an IT company you must be prepared with the most basic concepts of the programming languages you have learnt in your academics. These languages may be : C, C++, VB, SQL, Core JAVA, Advanced Java, HTML, PHP etc...

    From campus placements and Technical Interviews you will need to brush up your programming skills in C and C++ (most important) and Java. You will also need to brush up the basic concepts of the core subjects of Computer and IT Engineering syllabus, namely - DBMS, Operating system, Computer Networks and SQL. Preparation level required for these subjects depends from one company to another. A few companies who offer you an annual package of more than 5 Lacs will definitely expect you to have sufficient skills so as to match the offered profile.

 For rest of the companies, basics of C, C++, Java and or SQL is more than enough.
 For preparation of these programming languages you can refer :

 For revising C Language , go through
                                                     Let us C - Yashawant Kanetkar

Let Us C , will only be a slight revision, for better understanding and more detailed explanation, please got through -  The Complete Reference : Herbert Schildt

The Complete Reference - Herbert Schildt

When you have brushed up your C concepts, you are now ready to solve aptitude questions based on the C language. The most recommended book for C Aptitude is "Test your C Skills - Yashawant Kanetkar"

Test Your C Skills - Yashawant Kanetkar

C Aptitude Questions & answers (by IT Engg Portal)


For revising basics of Java, going through 'The Complete Reference' will be very Time Consuming, hence we suggest you brush up your Java Concepts using this simple Book 

               Basics of Java : Download this Ebook

       C++ Tutorials  -  Link to C Plus  Plus Tutorial site

 For preparing yourself for the Technical Interview, you can refer 'The Complete Placement Guide - by IT Engg Portal'. The book will provide you with all kinds of interview questions on C, C++, Java, JDBC, UNIX, OS, Networking

The Complete Placement Guide



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