Thursday, August 4, 2011

Online Revaluation and Verification Application for PU

Pune University has  recently  launched their online Revaluation and Verification Application Scheme. This scheme is  now a bonus to all the students of Pune University, as they can now  easily  apply  for  the process at ease from their place. 

Instructions for students
  1. To apply for online revaluation or Answer book photocopy Student need to register him on website
  2. Registration is similar process like opening an e-mail account.
  3. Student can choose his own username and password
  4. Once Registration is Complete you can proceed for Application.
    1. Alternatively if you have already created the account ,go to login link provided
    2. Now on login page use your username and password to enter in account.
  5. From this single account you can apply for all types of applications i.e.
    1. Application for Revaluation and verification of marks Download sample application form
    2. Application for Answer book Photocopy Download sample application form
    3. Application for revaluation of Answer book after photocopy Download sample application form
      No need to create multiple accounts for different applications
  6. Once you are inside your account a profile page will be displayed .Add the required information like name, email, and mobile no. Etc (You have to fill up your name only mentioned as per University Statement of Marks.)
  7. On next page click on new application. From here you can choose type of application you wish to apply for
  8. Complete the application steps.
  9. Click on Printer icon to download application print which is in PDF format (Acrobat 8.0+ required).
  10. Print the file. Submit this printed application to your respective college.
  11. While submitting this application to your college, please pay the fees as printed on the application at your college.
 Step 1 : Goto

  Step 2   :   Click on Create  account

   Step 3 :   Create a new account with your username, password and email address
                     security question and then click on Create User

   Step 4 :  Complete your profile, by providing your Address for communication , Contact   
                   no, email-id and PRN  and then  click  on SUBMIT


    Step 5 : You are now done, click on new  application to Take a new fill Application for:

  • Application for Revaluation and verification of marks
  • Application for Answer book Photocopy
  •  Application for revaluation of Answer book after photocopy
         For any of the above :click on New Application



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